The Beach Boys – Smiley Smile (Album Review)


Yes, my new article is yet another Beach Boys review:

“Smiley Smile” Opened the Gates to a New Era


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  1. I’m on a bit of a Beach Boys kick lately. I fairly recently bought Pet Sounds on vinyl with a rare brown album cover, and just bought Smile Sessions on vinyl.
    I want to find Smiley Smile to compare the 2.

    I also watched the 2014 movie about Brian Wilson, Love and Mercy. A must see for a Beach Boys fan.

    I have a 17 year old daughter that hates most of my music, but The Beach Boys is so timeless that they can bridge generation gaps.

    My dad loves them, I love them and my daughter loves them.

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  2. The Beach Boys never grow old. 🙂

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  3. The band’s music from the late 60’s into the mid 70’s is overlooked – great writeup – “Holland” and “Surf’s Up” are also great works. I wrote about the very last song the band ever released – the last track from “That’s Why God Made The Radio”, called “Summer’s Gone” –


  4. Nice review Ovidiu, I somehow haven’t heard this one yet – I should!

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