3 Hip-Hop Artists That Keep It Vital


My new piece on 2010s hip-hop:

3 Hip-Hop Artists That Keep It Vital

Pictures taken from this excellent website.


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  1. I love Kendrick Lamar! Not a big fan of Danny Brown, not because of an absence of lyricism, but becase of his voice. Chance is pretty good too, but he just got in a big producer scandal, which is strange because of his “Man of God” persona. However, if he comes with a great next album, I’ll be back on his side

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  2. I hate to jump on the band-wagon but I love Kendrick and Chance too. I’ve only heard a few of Danny’s songs, not enough to make a clear judgement but I’ll be sure to check him out.
    Which Danny Brown songs do you suggest to get a clear concept of his style?
    Also, if you were to rank these 3, which do you think is better and why?

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    • You should listen to Ain’t It Funny from Danny Brown, as well as Downward Spiral and Rolling Stone, tho I don’t think those are on YouTube. Pretty much everything from Atrocity Exhibition is great and representative of his style. I’d rank them in the same order they’re written in the article. My number 4 would probably by Young Thug, which may come off as a travesty to some. But I think he’s great. Kanye too, though I was disappointed by Pablo and I think he was left a bit behind since 2013.

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  3. This is a dope article man. All of these guys are so unique and I especially love Kendrick and Danny. I’ve always thought that in the modern rap landscape they’re a couple of the only guys that are forward-thinking in terms of their musical output. I love all their projects but each of they’re last albums were damn near if not masterpieces

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