ABBA – ABBA (Album Review)


An album that never fails to cheer me up:

This Studio Album Was ABBA at Their Most Unconstrained Fun


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  1. A band that was ridiculed by music fans – but they had great songs, strong production values and – oh yeah, those songs!

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  2. Never took them seriously, lumped them in with other horrid music that came out of the ’70s. But Elvis Costello can’t be wrong. Maybe I’ll have to reconsider, starting with this one.

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  3. The song S.O.S is truly my favorite ABBA song of all time.

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  4. Hey Ovidiu!

    I left this comment on your About page the other day, but I don’t think you saw it? Sorry if this looks like spam, I promise I won’t bug you anymore about it!

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  5. SOS is probably tied for my favourite ABBA tune (with slipping through my fingers) – nice to read that there’s much more than just the big single here!

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  6. there you go – my Sonos system is working up a sweat again! ABBA – a bit special. Thank you for the reminder.

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