Pink Floyd – The Final Cut (Album Review)


Took a more personal approach with my new article:

Making a Personal Connection to Pink Floyd’s “The Final Cut”


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  1. Obviously, this album, as well as the non-Roger albums are polarizing to fans, but it’s Pink Floyd, and I’ll take ALL iterations!

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  2. Well done, Ovidiu. I’m always happy to find other people who love The Final Cut as much as I do. It can be dark, dreary & occasionally tuneless, but I love every moment of it and have since I brought it home on the day of release. Is it my favorite Pink Floyd album? Not quite. But when I’m in the right mood there’s almost nothing better.

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  3. Nice one! I don’t think I have ever heard that one.

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  4. Good to hear about your personal connection to the album. Adds a whole new dimension to the review.

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  5. Nice post Ovidiu – it’s an album I’ve been meaning to explore.

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  6. It is a nice album. Different from other Pink Floyd albums, but a good one anyway

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  7. Ovidiu really glad you enjoyed the album. I am a huge Pink Floyd fan but I have never listened to this album. One it was all left over tunes not used on “The Wall” and two it really should have been labeled as Water’s first solo album since David and Nick at that point really didn’t give a hoot about it or the band for that matter. Water’s ego had taken over.

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