The Who – The Kids Are Alright (Documentary Review)


Today’s article is about the classic 1979 documentary, a rewarding watch every single time:

“The Kids Are Alright”: Not Your Ordinary Rock Doc

P.S.: For more articles about music documentaries, be sure to check out Rick’s great blog Reel and Rock as well as his well-written, informative Rock Docs book which I’m just reading at the moment.


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  1. This is a dynamite look at the band – great clips, archival material and music!

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  2. Reblogged this on johnrieber and commented:
    Here’s a phenomenal documentary on one of rock’s most powerful bands – and certainly the craziest!

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  3. Saw it when it came out- one of the great Rock Docs!

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  4. Thanks for the kind words, Ovidiu, glad you like the book. The Kids are Alright is surely one of my favorite Rock Docs and I really love having it now on DVD where each segment gets a description in the booklet. BTW, anyone interested in reading an excerpt of my book “Rock Docs: A Fifty-Year Cinematic Journey” can click on the link below. Thx, Rick

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  5. Great reminder. The Who leaves a tremendous body of work built on great music, words and stories very reflective of teen angst and gradually more adult issues. “Rain on Me” is one of many favorites. “Tommy” is unmatched for themed rock opera albums and has many metaphors that go beyond the titled character.

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  6. Watched it many times. Revisit coming up. Good choice. A CB fave. Good flick pick. I’ll have to check out Rick’s stuff. Thanks for the lead.

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  7. I also highly recommend Quadraphenia.

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  8. Ovidiu great article on a classic documentary. Happen to watch this about a month ago. The Smothers Brothers bit at the beginning sure sets the tone. Also loved the video (forget the song) of them acting like crooks and the whole cake thing or was it pie?

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