Paul McCartney & Wings – Back to the Egg (Album Review)


This week’s album is an old favorite – not quite my very favorite of McCartney’s, or even Wings’, but certainly up there, in all its messy glory.

“Back to the Egg”: A Perfect Finale for Paul McCartney & Wings


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  1. Yes, an interesting end to the band – a bit of an “Abbey Road” side two vibe to it – and songs across all genres – and it was their last hurrah – I posted a story about this as well, because it was a polarizing effort at the time –

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  2. I have this LP but haven’t given it a spin in ages – I could use some quirky, fun, and charming tunes in the rotation!

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  3. Nice to see your complimentary description of “Arrow Through Me,” as I remember how much I liked it and thought it was a pretty remarkable song.

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  4. I still miss Wings. Sir Paul hasn’t rocked as much since their demise.

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