The Beach Boys – Love You (Album Review)


This week’s review is actually one I wrote back in January. But it was posted today as a celebration of the album’s, The Beach Boys’ Love You, 40 year anniversary. A unique record from my all-time favorite band. Hope you enjoy.

40 Years Later: Appreciating an Unusual Beach Boys Album


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  1. I have a longtime Beach Boy fan – and I agree that “Love You” takes a little bit – more due to some of the album’s “simple” lyrics – but your article does a great job putting it into context….FYI, the last Beach Boys song (from “That’s Why God Made The Radio”) is the hauntingly beautiful “Summer’s Gone”…here’s a look at it –

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  2. I like those records where, as you say, the flaws somehow add to the charm.
    I’m intrigued!

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  3. Great article. I saw Brian Wilson here in Australia last year on the Pet Sounds tour and he dusted off Honking Down The Highway, a song I never expected to hear live!

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