Top 10 Songs by The Band (After 1969)


Long-time readers will already be familiar with my love for The Band. And even though their music has been the subject of my posts quite a few times before, this is the first time I write about a more forgotten era of theirs, the one in-between the first two albums and The Last Waltz. I hope more people will get into those 1970-1977 records as a result and discover some worthy gems:

Top 10 Songs by The Band (After 1969)


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  1. I know next to nothing about this era of the Band – I appreciate these 10 tracks as a starting point, thanks Ovidiu!

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  2. Excellent picks. I always enjoy song recommendations made by a knowledgeable and dedicated fan. Thank you!

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  3. Always good to see people still interested in The Band. CB likes their music. Together or solo. All good choices on your list. They made great music throughout their career. It’s one big gumbo for CB. Yes Danko’s performance on ‘Difference’ is beautiful. (Check out Music Enthusiasts piece(s) on The Band, worth looking at).

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  4. Always good to see some coverage of this stuff. Few great choices there, Ovidiu!

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  5. A beautifully written article, Ovidiu. I aspire to write half as well as you!

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