Nirvana – MTV Unplugged in New York (Album Review)


Maybe not a popular opinion, but this is the Nirvana album I return to the most often. I recognize the importance and impact of the studio ones, but at the same time, there’s just something so powerful about this 1993 performance. I try to explain what that is in my new article over at CultureSonar:

“MTV Unplugged in New York”: Nirvana’s Swan Song


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  1. My feelings exactly Ovidiu – a classic case of ‘less is more,’ the stripped down arrangements really showcase how great a lot of these songs were.

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  2. Nice article. I have to admit that I don’t tend to listen to Unplugged all that much these days. In fact, I don’t tend to listen to Nirvana all that much anymore. Anyhoo, this is a pretty great performance… always preferred this to the Muddy Banks… album, too. My favourites have always been the trio with the Meat Puppets, though.

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  3. I have been playing this cd for a few days now. A local alternative rock station played a song which sparked in me “I like the unplugged version more” so it was a must listen to after that☺ I thought it was a forgotten album to others. It’s good to see it hasn’t been. Nice article.

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  4. I tend to think of Niravana as one big happy pile. all the albums a side of their sound. But you’re right, this set is really good!

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  5. If you are gonna listen to just one MTV Unplugged album, Nirvana Unplugged is the one. What a swan song for the band. Listen to the whole thing from start to end – Kurt Cobain tried to tell us something…

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  6. Hey! I wrote about this album over at my blog last year too! It’s kind-of what I remember really at the time because you know my 16th b’day was 7th of April!
    Here is it if you’ll like a little read/look?

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  7. Well done on writing for CultureSonar – Very good piece as ever. How did that come about out of interest?

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  8. This album and the performance done by Alice in Chains are the two best in my opinion. The Unplugged sessions seem to have died out a bit with this new generation of music though which i have to say I’m not terribly sad about it because for a while it was just Unplugged overdose. The Nirvana show I have to agree isn’t full of the “hits” but I loved what they did and glad it wasn’t a “best of” show. Too many bands tried to cash in on the unplugged shows but I felt that Nirvana and Alice in Chains just came out and played what and how they wanted to and threw in a bit of humour and eased up tension-less performances where they just felt laid back as if they were playing in your backyard BBQ kind of atmosphere. I know the music I do wouldn’t come across too well unplugged lol, I’d do an entire show of covers! But I digress… this was a great show and certainly one you could almost play in front of your granny and not get the “talking” to about how it’s bad for you. lol

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  9. This album was a staple in my Walkman rotation back in the day. Still love it!

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  10. I never liked Nirvana until I heard the unplugged album and after hearing those songs I was hooked. For me I think it stripped away all the hype and fame that surrounded the band and the songs just spoke for themselves. still one of my favourites albums!

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  11. If your looking for good music maybe look no further than Young Americans or Ziggy Stardust? You get it right? Bowie



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