Funkadelic – Maggot Brain (Album Review)


The release of Childish Gambino’s Awaken, My Love! back in December 2016 took me by surprise, as I was not expecting a current, popular artist to revive the sounds of the 70s P-Funk world so evidently. More so, it reminded me of just how much I love the music of George Clinton & co. and how long it’s been since I’ve last listened to those crazy, funky, catchy albums. Maggot Brain remains their peak to me for many reasons, all detailed in this review I wrote over at Culture Sonar:

“Maggot Brain,” Funkadelic’s All-Time Masterpiece


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  1. It’s on the 1001 – I still have yet to explore.
    But if you’re a fan Ovidiu, and Donald Glover’s inspired by it, I think it’s safe to say I’ll approve!

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  2. Excellent. A truly wonderful piece of work. The jams here are incredible and the guitar freak outs are tremendous, too.

    I’ll need to check out this Childish Gambino album.

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  3. Headed over to read your full review and agree all around. A fantastic album of funk madness and guitar wizardry!

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  4. I’ve been watching AND listening to so much Glover lately.

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  5. Phenomenal album, superb choice sir!

    Apparently a tripping George Clinton (before melting into the mixing desk) asked Eddie Hazel to play guitar on the instrumental title track as if ‘he had been told his mother was dead but then learned it was not true’

    Gambino’s Redbone has a very Clinton-esque delivery & killer hook


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