Where the hell have I been?

Yeah, I’m aware that I’ve been missing.

But I do have an excuse: graduating is a bitch.

There’s the dissertation and the exams and the last-minute assignments. And that’s not even mentioning the paralyzing stress that comes with them.

Working on the dissertation paper still means I’m writing daily, fortunately.

And an article of mine will be published on a Romanian website, so that’s a big thing for me.

But at the moment, I really can’t find the time to write here. Nor do I have the time to properly read what others have posted in order to pass it forward.

When will all this be over? July, according to the schedule.

But maybe things will slow down at one point, and I can find some time. I can’t say for sure.

But I do have more stories behind classic songs to write about. And I started working on a review of one of my favorite 70s albums a while ago, so that will be coming too.

Just bear with me. I promise I’ll be back.


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30 replies

  1. Look forward to your return. We’ll still be here.

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  2. Life comes first! We will be waiting for your return!

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  3. We’ll be waiting for your future posts “Any Time At All”. Good luck with everything you’re doing.

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  4. Get in there and get you some! We’ll wait! 🙂

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  5. Congrats on being so close to graduation day, Ovidiu.

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  6. Dude! Put things in perspective! Sure, your degree is important. But even more importantly, you’re missing some of my best posts! 😀

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  7. Ovidiu, I think you’re awesome, and I and your followers appreciate your update! I remember the hard work, long hours and stress of completing my graduate school exams and papers, so I wish you the best on completing your dissertation and exams.


  8. Best of luck with the dissertation and take care of yourself.

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  9. Take your time. Wish you the very best with the dissertation and exams!

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  10. Best of luck with your dissertation and see you down the trail soon.

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  11. Take your time, Ovidiu! – best of luck!

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  12. Good luck on the writing and presenting. Nice tribute song to Lennon. Keith

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  13. i still have you in my heart and mail inbox
    can’t wait for july

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  14. Take your time my friend, I look forward to as and when. X

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  15. Good luck with it all! We are putting our thumbs up right from over here in Belgium! x 🙂

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  16. last minute assignments ? r u fucking crazy ? dude u messed up. r u one of those irresponsible students huh ?


  17. last minute assignments???!!! are you f.ucking crazy ??? irresponsible students r leech i want to slap your face !!!!!!!


  18. Was not expecting the bits about John Lennon’s heart. The world is a crazy place. Best of luck with school.

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