Play This More Often, Part 10

Play This More Often is a series of essays meant to highlight songs that deserve more attention and appreciation, all in the humble opinion of this music listener of course. Some of them may be neglected by the public at large, some not taken seriously enough by music writers or some plainly overlooked because of their obscurity. Whatever the case, suggestions via the comments from you are always welcomed.

1) Queen – Stone Cold Crazy

Queen’s genre-hopping character was simultaneously the worst and best aspect about them. On one hand, there is no way one could go in a million directions and still remain consistent. Every Queen album is flawed and that sometimes can be quite frustrating. But on the other hand, it’s that very quality that gave birth to things like Stone Cold Crazy, which has been described as “thrash metal before the term was invented”. It sounds like the band stumbled upon this innovative idea, stayed in that zone for like 2 minutes, and then moved on to completely different matters, never to return again. A couple of decades later, the song would be covered by Metallica making the link even more clear.

2) New York Dolls – Puss ‘n’ Boots

Too Much Too Soon as an album suffers from what I like to call the ‘second album syndrome’, meaning that it could never have replicated the impact of the band’s debut. But with the best songs from it the New York Dolls showed that while they were not set to revolutionize things anymore, they still haven’t dropped the bar a notch when it comes to rock ‘n’ roll energy, punk speed, pop catchiness and tongue-in-cheek attitude. The best aspect of Puss ‘n’ Boots? Its Thunders-Sylvain guitar assault on the ears.

3) The Clash – Lost in the Supermarket

If the title track of London Calling is the album’s representative anthem, Koka Kola its fun little ditty and Revolution Rock its obligatory excursion into reggae, then Lost in the Supermarket is definitely the emotional spot. Mick Jones reminisces a confused, scared childhood that later translated into a lack of personality and inefficient attempts at filling the gap with being part of the consumerism culture.

4) The Stooges – Ann

The Stooges’ love ballad may not match anybody’s description of a love ballad, but then that’s what makes them The Stooges. My best guess is that real life Ann, if there actually was an Ann, was rather sent off running instead of being charmed by Iggy’s sounds-as-if-having-a-heart-attack vocals. But then we as impartial rock ‘n’ roll listeners have no reason to ever do anything other than embrace the song in all of its weird glory.


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18 replies

  1. Four great great choices right there!

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  2. Aside from Ann, I’m not that familiar with any of these. I have been thinking that I need to be picking up a copy of Sheer Heart Attack for a while now, but I procrastinate (always other records in my sights!)

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  3. All great choices and descriptions!

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  4. Some good stuff here. I confess that as much as I like Queen I wasn’t that familiar with ‘Stone Cold Crazy.’ For whatever reason, radio picked up on some of the others instead. Good song. I also went out and listened to Metallica’s version. I actually think the singing there fits the song better than Mercury, oddly enough. The Dolls song is good and I know (and like) ‘Supermarket’ all too well. Of the four, I confess ‘Ann’ doesn’t do much for me. Regardless, thanks for the deep drill.

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  5. Love that Lost in the Supermarket – great tune!

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  6. I’ve been listening to these while catching up on blog reading. Thanks for posting these – all new songs to me.

    I like what you said about “second album syndrome”. If I like a group’s debut album, I’m always a little reluctant to pick up their second one because, like you said, sometimes the magic of the first one can’t be replicated.

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  7. Warmed my heart to see The Clash here 🙂 Wish you a great year ahead, 新年快乐!猴年大吉!

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  8. Wonder if pre-punk Brit bands genre-hop because our radio wasn’t as genre based as US radio …


  9. Great pics! And if you didn’t know it before “London Calling” is my all time favourite album, so you could have picked anything off it and I would have been happy.


  10. picks…sorry


  11. There is so much terrific music to be heard. Many tens of thousands of great songs have been recorded. We music lovers are lucky that way.

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  12. Tangled up in music….obviously a big Dylan fan! Whats your favourite album?

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  13. Stooges and the Clash. Good tunes

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