“Who the fuck is Justin Bieber?!”

For those who don’t already know of this, it was Ozzy Osbourne who said that when asked if he listens to Justin Bieber. And the thing is, Ozzy is right, whether he was being serious or not. Because, musically speaking, Justin Bieber is indeed a nobody. Just another piece of the puzzle in the whole corporate-songwriting game. Just another faceless pop/dance/R&B singer with catchy and danceable tunes. Not the best in the genre and not the worst either. Now, I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with the music he sings. It’s definitely not my thing, but I respect people’s tastes at the same time. What bugs me is the inadequacy of it reported to his popularity. Again, I’m not saying that “today’s pop sucks”. I’m just saying that Justin Bieber brought nothing new on the table to an already-existing genre, be it positive or negative. No, he’s not responsible for single-handedly ruining good music. It’s not because of him that we can’t enjoy good music. He’s not everything that’s wrong with today’s music. He’s just a mediocre singer, like thousands before him were and thousands after him will be. He will vanish and disappear in a few years, just like thousands did before him and thousands will after him.

What really makes Justin Bieber stand out and gain so much attention is his image, a very “double-edged sword” one. “Cute, innocent, puppy-eyed, pre-puberty, girly-voiced little kid who’s had his heart broken for the first time”. You either love him or hate him, there’s certainly no middle ground. For 12-year old girls he’s an ideal to shed joy tears to, while for middle-aged, die-hard metalists, it’s exactly whom they’ve been waiting for to blame for not hearing Slayer on the radio anymore (Now, I’m obviously overly generalizing for the sake of making a point). And this essay is directed towards both of these sides, towards the people who take their love/hate for Bieber to the unnecessary extreme. My advice for those who unconditionally love him (or as they call themselves, the “Beliebers”) is to try to look beyond that image of his and to see that his music is not all that good – not worth the worship he gets. For those who hate him and bomb his videos with dislikes (not to mention the death threats and all that bullshit), I kindly suggest to adopt a certain indifference towards him. Because Justin Bieber is not The Adolf Hitler of music. He’s just another kid who made a stab at pop and became a very easy target because of his image. And that’s really it.



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