The Song In My Head Today : Paul McCartney & Wings – My Love

Paul-McCartney-My-LoveAs far as I’m aware, ‘My Love’ (just like The Long and Winding Road) will always represent a very polarizing song in McCartney’s catalogue. Meaning that people will either unconditionally love it or despise it to death. And it’s not exactly hard to see both sides’ reasons for standing by their opinion. On one hand, this, like many other McCartney love songs do, features a certain cheesy element. It’s not trying to be witty or unpredictable, it’s just an into-your-face love song whose chorus goes “…and my love does it good, whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa”. Plus, there are only two verses that do not feature the L word! (I bet McCartney was really giving Led Zeppelin a good run for their money when it comes to coolness…)

But on the other hand (and here is where the song’s defenders come in), ‘My Love’ is a very, very beautiful piece, with its nicely-arranged bitter-sweet atmosphere, heartfelt vocal performance and soul-shaking guitar solo. So, even though I originally dismissed the song, these elements turned out to eventually win me over. I can openly say that I love the song, and the fact that I find myself from time to time having it stuck in my head (like today) is definitely not something to be worried about.


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