Pink Floyd at Live 8 : An (Un)predictable Event

The 2nd of July, 2005 represented an important day for rock fans all around the world, because it saw the legendary English band Pink Floyd (in their post ’68 line-up, which means no Syd Barrett) perform together for the last time. Their 4-song set list played at Live 8 may have left the die-hard fans desiring for more, but at least gave about 200,000 people the satisfaction of seeing their idols finally agreeing to leave all the conflicts behind for a good 24 minutes and be on the same stage at the same time.

2005 Pink Floyd Live 8 final photo of band together after concert (3)
A particular fact that I want to draw attention to is the rather bizarre connection between the performance and their 1968 single, Point Me At The Sky. Funnily enough, the much forgotten song features the following lyric “And if you survive till 2005″ and this leads me to believe one of the following situations to be possible:

[Warning : the next paragraph is made purely out of amusement and based on absolutely no cold facts.]

1) It’s 6 A.M. on the beautiful morning of 2 July and Mr. David Gilmour receives a totally unexpected phone call:

David Gilmour : Hello?
*Gruff voice*: Wake up, you old sleazebag. It’s time to perform.
David Gilmour : Uhm…Roger, is that you?
Roger Waters : You’re damn right it’s me. Dust off your guitar, pick it up and head straight to Hyde Park. We’ve got a show to perform.
David Gilmour : Have you gone completely mental? We haven’t performed together in over 20 years. Last time we were supposed to do so, we disagreed on whether we ought to do that stupid song of yours about Margaret Thatcher. Or was it an entire album? After that, you left the band. And now you call at fuckin’ 6 in the morning to ask me to perform with you? What’s this all about?
Roger Waters : Don’t you let your tiny brain worry, asshole, I’m not doing it because I god damn miss you.
David Gilmour : Eh…?
Roger Waters : We wrote that song, remember? Point me at the sky and let it flyyy, point me at the sky and let if flyyy…
David Gilmour : Was it on ‘Final Cut’? If so, sorry, I don’t remember any song off that one. Might have something to do with the fact that they don’t actually have real melodies…
Roger Waters : Cut it off, man. I’m supposed to be the smartass here. It was one of our first singles, you know? I wrote about everything in it, then came up with that funny line about surviving till 2005.
David Gilmour : I’m pretty sure you didn’t write all… *gets interrupted*
Roger Waters : So anyway, time has come. We oughta show the people that I was a future-predicting genius for writing that line.
David Gilmour : So is this nothing more than you boosting your ego?
Roger Waters : Call it whatever you want, just make sure you get there around noon. And no, we won’t play ‘High Hopes’. People will see us all there, me, you, Rick and Nick together… but it’s just one time, you know? No more reunions. We don’t want to set the people’s hopes high. Ha ha, see what I did there? I should write a concept album about wordplays. The title of the songs will be wordplays as well. And then one of the songs will be named just “wordplays”. How about that?
David Gilmour : So Rick and Nick agreed to play?
Roger Waters : Yeah, I just got off the phone with them. Rick said “whatever” and Nick’s only condition was no crust on the pies. No idea what pies he was talking about. Who cares, though? Everything’s set.
David Gilmour : Fine, I’ll be there.

2) It was a mere and utter coincidence.

It’s up to you to decide what theory seems most likely (and I’m sure you’ll have a hard time doing that), but in the end, all this hardly matters. What’s really important is the performance itself – or rather the event it represented – and that is, one last glimpse of Pink Floyd.


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