The Song In My Head Today : The Zombies – Imagine The Swan

SimagineoftheswanNORWI’d like to give this song the award for the most forgotten Zombies gem. Released as a US-only single in May 1969, about a year and a half after the band’s break-up and having charted badly (#109), this is as obscure as 60’s pop gets, I guess. Luckily for us, though, the song has been made available to the public since then and I’ve been more than thrilled to find it sitting there quietly as a subsequently-added bonus track on the Zombies’ masterpiece of an album, ‘Odessey and Oracle’.

To be honest, its gorgeous harpsichord-driven melody and the bombastic chorus were the things that first caught my ear when I heard the song. Only after a few more listens I got to truly appreciate the sad, disillusioned impression the protagonist gets while seeing his long-lost lover, all so beautifully illustrated through both the lyrics and the atmosphere.

‘Imagine the Swan’ has rapidly climbed its way into my top 5 Zombies songs and proved me once again that there is no other band that deserves the “Rock’s most underrated” label more.


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